Courses / Experience Days

Belt making and basic tooling course – for all abilities of leatherwork – £150

Learn the skills needed in order to create one of the Anvil Workshop premium belts with a custom tooled design made to your requirements.

For all ability’s we will go through the choice of leather for high end belts, the requirements for tooling, design work for tooling, cutting, dyeing, edging, hardware and finishing the belts.

You will be using sharp knives and hand tools during the process.


Small  leather goods – for beginners to leatherwork- £95

Learn the basics of leather crafting by making your choice of a number of small leather goods, from pouches to cases or pet collars, to take with you when you’re finished.

You will gain the basic skills and knowledge to start practicing leatherwork at home, we will go through choosing the correct leather for the project, simple design work, template making, understanding specialist tools, cutting, stitching, edging, and finishing.

You will be using sharp knives and hand tools during the process.


General info:

The Workshop is only big enough for up to 3 people per session and discount can be arranged if you book as a group. Hot drinks and biscuits will be provided throughout the day.  All tools and material will be provided on the day.

Typically the courses will be from 10AM – 4PM however this may vary on what we make and what we agree before hand.

There is no age limit and there is disabled access, however please bear in mind that it is a live workshop, with sharp tools and machinery that can be dangerous. So any minor is to be supervised by an adult, and let me know any physical restrictions ahead of time so I can make the appropriate adjustments.

You Can book the courses by contacting me directly at or follow the link below.  I am a one man business so please be patient with booking availability.