Custom Leatherwork


For hundreds of years leather workers have been carving designs into leather items, to create one off patterns or personalized artwork. First carving into the leather using specialist knives, then beveling to give depth to the pattern. It can then be painted with specialist leather paints and finished with antique rub to give shading, the process takes time and can only be done by hand, but gives a finish that is unique and unparalleled.

Using these age old techniques I can carve and tool any personalized images or designs into almost any leather item, Belts with  company logos or your specific car silhouette,  or dog collars with names and designs.

Each design comes with its own challenges from the drawing to the painting so in order to give an accurate quote I would need to know a little bit about what you would want on your belt or collar. feel free to message me with any ideas for a free no obligation quote.

If you would like a unique custom piece of work please contact me for a quote and we can discuss your design.


Call: 07885 873640